• Titolo: Seminario sul tema dell' innovazione nel settore sanitario- Prof. A. Batinti - International Business School Suzhou Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University - Corso di economia Sanitaria Online su TEAMS Giovedi' 26 marzo ore 16.30 -18
  • Data: 24-03-2020 15:52:46
  • Autore: Giannoni Margherita
  • Descrizione: Giovedi' ore 16.30-18 il Prof. A. Batinti della International Business School Suzhou Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, terra' un Seminario per gli studenti del Corso di Economia Sanitaria sul tema dell' analisi economica dell'innovazione nel settore sanitario. Abstract: As health has been made more effective and expensive by medical advances, it has raised political concerns in terms of how to sustain such improvements and guarantee access to them. Concerns about the sustainability of increasing health expenditures through time in rich societies are at a trade-off with expansions in the quality and quantity of life, which, especially in wealthy societies, are much more valued than expansions in consumption and income. In this chapter, we look at how three standard models in public choice and political economy (electoral, power dominance, and lobbying) have been theoretically introduced and empirically tested in the field of health innovation. We argue that innovations in health are subject to increasing political scrutiny that can give rise to a dramatic change in the political incentives of voters, interest groups, and branches of government. Istruzioni per gli studenti del Corso: Per collegarsi accedere alla piattaforma TEAMS - corso economia sanitaria
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  • Insegnamento: Economia sanitaria